Route Releases New Out-of-Home Research Data


Route are the official source of audience estimates for out of home advertising in Great Britain. Working with market research firm Ipsos, and various industry partners, Route are able to provide detailed audience estimates for specified locations and OOH formats.

Their latest release is the first since lockdowns ended, and this research piece incorporates several substantial methodology refinements for improved data. 

How It Works
Route’s out-of-home advertising data is measured using a combination of methods.

  • A database of a vast network of advertising displays is first compiled, including exact latitude and longitude and the angle of each display to the road.
  • Counts of people travelling along each street, road or route where displays are sited are recorded to indicate travel behaviour.
  • Careful calculations adjust raw counts of people passing by displays to reflect a realistic estimate of how many of them will see the advert.
  • And finally all of this data is processed and reported in a clear and digestible format.
This data allows users such as advertisers and media agencies to understand the audiences that will be exposed to their out-of-home advertising, and to decide on best placements for given campaigns.
The New Research

The latest research piece from Route introduces a number of improvements to their data collection processes.

These include a ‘contemporisation’ factor to make the data reflective of current volumes. Their travel surveys have been recalibrated in line with contemporary travel patterns, a necessity due to Covid-19 impacting the ability to collect useable travel data.

The new research includes improved pedestrian data, taking into account their speed of travel and the specific routes people take through indoor environments, based on observed behaviour rather than modelled predictions.

It also makes use of new visual attention studies – Route partnered with Lumen Research to better understand how pedestrians observe out-of-home advertising formats.

Elsewhere they also improved various models and algorithms to ensure the most accurate representation of audience estimates for out-of-home advertising in the UK.


What This Means

This new research should lead to better ROI for advertisers, more insight into the effectiveness of their campaigns, and a more efficient use of budgets.

OOH providers will also be able to better plan their services and operations in order to maximize the value they offer to their customers.

Out-of-home remains hugely important to marketers’ communication strategies so it’s helpful to get a true understanding of how people are behaving and the true audiences our media offer.


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