Securing Camden Skies: Bay Media Chosen for Lamppost Banner Advertising

Bay Media is thrilled to announce the continuation of our partnership with Camden Council. We have been successful in our third lamppost banner advertising tender in the area, solidifying our presence in this vibrant borough.

Since our initial partnership began in 2011, Bay Media’s raised lamppost banners have become a familiar part of the Camden scenery. The banners offer local businesses a unique platform for reaching their target audience. The support and adoption from the local community has played a major role in our continued success in the region.

Our network of around 370 banner sites throughout Camden continues to yield compelling audience engagement. Data from Route, the UK’s premier out-of-home audience estimate provider, estimates that our banners in Camden rake in 50 million weekly views, equating to an average of 155k weekly views per banner.

Camden’s geographical and cultural landscape provides an excellent opportunity for outdoor advertising. Camden is a large and diverse inner London borough, home to a significant resident population which expands daily with workers and visitors. The borough also boasts major transport terminals including the Eurostar hub, cultural hotspots like the British Museum and British Library, and a host of theatres.

Our lamppost banners’ strategic positioning along major roads and near key transport hubs enables high visibility and optimal reach for our clients. We are excited to continue providing this high impact format that effectively engages with Camden’s local population.

Bay Media will return a significant portion of the revenue from this contract to Camden Council, contributing to the development and implementation of future community projects. In 2022, we contributed over £970k to UK councils through similar arrangements.

Bay Media remains dedicated to fostering an environment where businesses can thrive and community spirit can flourish. We are grateful for the confidence placed in us by Camden Council and look forward to strengthening our ties in the borough.

Bay Media are a leading out-of-home advertising provider, and the largest provider of lamppost banner advertising in the United Kingdom.

Our other formats include large illuminated banners in shopping centres and raised ‘6 sheet‘ posters. 

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