AirDressing ®

AirDressing® – Technical

AirDressing® patented infrastructure has been develop to allow large illuminated adverts to be hung in premium mid-air space without sagging under their own weight. The system can be lowered by remote control for safe maintenance at ground level, and has reduced the weight of an ultra-premium illuminated frame by over 68% allowing safe suspension from most ceiling structures.

  • Ultra-premium Illumination
    Our incredible illuminated display enhances the prestige of atrium spaces. It uses over 3,000 points of ultra low-energy lighting, evenly spread behind the entire advertising display.
  • Mid-air suspension
    Ultra high definition printed fabric is stretched over a virtually invisible frame, creating a large format advertisement that appears to float in mid-air.
  • Eliminate panel sag
    Most large format hanging panels sag in the middle under their own weight. We have designed an invisible way to eliminate sagging and keep the display perfectly straight.
  • Light
    AirDressing®has been designed to be light enough to hang from glass ceilings of shopping malls and airports. It is up to 20 times lighter than other hanging displays of the same size and brightness.
  • Customised infrastructure finishing service
    We recognise that each retail location is individual. We offer a customisation service to match our infrastructure to your location – customising the colours, metallic or matt effects, and other finishes to ensure AirDressing® perfectly match and enhances your location’s look and feel.
  • New opportunities in existing spaces
    Installation is professionally managed with free install by world class rigging experts (ex. Olympics), ongoing maintenance includes full compliance with LOLAR regulations, there’s no set-up fee for most uses, and simple and fast revenue payments.

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  • Incredible lightweight illuminated display with low energy LED technology, twice as bright as a normal billboard.
  • Tensioned fabric skin with ultra high definition images stretched over a frameless  non-sag patented frame.
  • A remote control winch system eliminates the need for access equipment after initial install and enables easy display transfer.
  • Virtually invisible fixings and incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio.

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