Raised Lamppost Banners

StormSpill® the most effective and durable Raised Lamppost Banner infrastructure in the world

As the world’s leading provider of Raised Lamppost Banners, Bay Media delivers unparalleled market expertise and product quality.

  • Patented Banner Finishing
    In 2013, Bay Media’s Research Team developed and patented a method to finish banners without using eyelets The benefits of this are that it increases the banner’s strength by almost 3 times, reducing storm damage and maintenance costs, and it also eliminates the need for eyelets which need to be cut out individually before recycling, and aids in the efficiency of our BayRecycle®
  • Patented Infrastructure
    Bay Media are the exclusive European distributors of StormSpill® – a patented spring tensioned Raised Lamppost Banner System which dramatically reduces loading on lighting columns caused by extreme weather conditions and is the world market leader. It is manufactured in the USA using the same technology used to make performance car engines.
  • The safest system for your columns
    We have commissioned independent full scale wind tunnel tests to provide your street lighting engineers with the information they require. Bay Media also have a full column testing, accreditation and guarantee service, that was used in over 6,000 locations for the Olympics, with zero failures.
  • Product Evolution and Accreditation
    Our engineering R+D team continuously evolves, develops and tests new bracket designs. We are currently on version 7 of StormSpill®. We were selected to organize the permissions management and installations of all 16,500 Raised Lamppost Banners across 150 local authorities for the London 2012 Olympic Games.
  • High Pressurised Injection Die Cast vs Gravity Casting
    We are the only Raised Lamppost Banner manufacturer worldwide to have invested in High Pressurised Pore-Free diecast technology, as used in performance car engine blocks. We share most other components with specialist aeronautical suppliers.  We recommend our clients not to use Gravity Cast systems for outdoor applications. This basic method is susceptible to air pockets, internal fracturing, is over 80% weaker and prone to catastrophic failure. For outdoor use, we believe in not cutting corners and in using the strongest technology available.
  • Your Guarantee
    Because we manufacture and install, we guarantee our Raised Lamppost Banners for at least 12 months for the initial campaign whatever the weather conditions, and for considerably longer subject to servicing. Our 100% guarantee provides our customers with peace of mind and predictable costs in an area where repairs have traditionally run at 40% of inventory per year.
  • Nautical Stitching
    A dramatic improvement on historical techniques, we use only racing-grade nautical thread as used in the America’s Cup for strength and durability.
  • Highly Durable, Environmentally Friendly Fabrics
    Our commitment to using only the highest quality, sustainable fabrics made us the first choice for the London 2012 Olympic Games. We work exclusively with HP water based inks and European REACH compliant fabrics.
  • Slow Rolled, Stainless Steel Banding
    Made in Europe, our choice of slow-rolled stainless steel banding make our installations to lighting columns up to five times stronger than similar systems, and many times stronger than using jubilee clip type systems.
  • BayProtect® sheet
    All Bay Media’s lamppost sites are protected with our hard-wearing sheet which protects the paint finish on the lighting column from abrasion from the bracket or stainless steel banding.
  • Guarantee and Accountability
    Because we manufacture, produce and install, Bay Media’s clients have full accountability should there ever be a problem. We have a long standing relationships with an impressive list of clients and we would be happy to supply you with references, who you can talk to directly.
 All of our infrastructure is marked with either StormSpill® or Bay Media®, and these are your guarantee of our year on year investment in R+D, Testing and the most advanced manufacturing technology.
  • Our patented StormSpill® system is the most widely specified Raised Lamppost Banner system in the world.
  • The safest system to use on your columns.
  • We were specified on over 16,500 sites for the Olympics, and tested over 6,000 columns.
  • Our High pressurized injection die cast system is much stronger than gravity casting.
  • We guarantee Bay Media installed and operated sites.
  • We invented and patented a finishing technique that makes banners almost 3 times stronger.
  • We use highly durable environmentally friendly fabrics and have an active recycling programme.



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