Raised 6 Sheets

2.5 x better recall rate than ground level advertising

Rising above the noise and clutter at street level, Bay Media’s Raised 6 Sheets, developed for impact and durability, make a lasting impression on audiences and results.

  • 24/7 exposure, 2.5 times more impact
    Raised 6 Sheets are designed to stand out 24 hours a day, regardless of weather conditions, amidst busy street environments. Academic research has proven that when it comes to roadside advertising, raising an advert 3 metres above the clutter of ground level leads to 2.5 x better memory recall in audiences.
  • Backlit illumination
    Powered by low-energy lighting, Raised 6 Sheets are a high-impact, economical solution for dramatically enhancing streets and outdoor environments, with a minimal impact on resources.
  • Making a mark across the UK
    Local UK expertise has made Bay Media experts in high-impact, high-traffic sites. Our Raised 6 Sheet advertisements line major arterial roads in the UK in close proximity to city centres and high-traffic areas. We have secured thousands of regional sites and currently manage the 4th largest Premium 6 Sheet Network in the country.
  • Streamlined installation
    After working with our clients to identify target sites and timelines, our project managers and installation experts manage all elements of production, on-site installation and maintenance throughout the campaign.
  • High definition backlit poster secured inside a secure, well-maintained illuminated unit using low energy lighting.
  • Situated above ground level to give a greater visual impact to target audience.
  • All sites are double sided, providing the opportunity to target traffic in both directions.
  • Posters are mounted by our experienced engineers.



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