Social Responsibility
At Bay Media

Social responsibility is a core value at Bay Media.

We aim to achieve social responsibility in advertising and across all of our actions.

Living Wage Employer

As a living wage employer, we believe that all of our employees, regardless of age or job classification, deserve to be paid fairly for the work that they do. That’s why we made the commitment to pay all of our employees, including contracted staff, no less than the real living wage

We also understand that the cost of living can change over time, and so we have agreed to increase our employees’ wages by the same amount as any increase in the living wage.

Becoming a living wage employer is a key part of our commitment to creating a positive and supportive work environment for all of our employees.

Birmingham Business Charter for Social Responsibility

As a signatory of the Birmingham Business Charter for Social Responsibility, we have demonstrated our commitment to improving the economic, social, and environmental wellbeing of the areas we work in. 

We actively seek out and implement new ways to positively impact the local community, environment, and our employees. In joining the Charter, we have also highlighted our commitment to being a responsible and ethical business, an important part of our identity.

Supporting Local Organisations

We frequently support community-based projects, with past examples including campaigns for Herne Hill Forum, Streatham Business Improvement District and This is Clapham. 

We also work with charities, helping to share their messages with the local population.


We have a number of schemes, processes and services to make the work we do as environmentally friendly as possible. 

From tree planting initiatives to recycling and transportation considerations, green solutions are woven into our work.

Find out more on our sustainability page.