“We’re Behind You!” Bay Media’s Support for Pantomimes

Bay Media have been providing out-of-home advertising support for nearly 25 years, and in that time we have developed strong working relationships with clients across the country.

Given that the theatre industry represents one of our largest markets, we have particularly close partnerships with theatres and the agencies they work with.

Due to this close association, we saw first hand just how devastating an impact Covid had on theatres, particularly during pantomime season in both 2020 and 2021.

Tough Covid restrictions during these festive periods meant that pantos had to be cancelled during peak times, decimating income. Casts and crews were struck down with the virus and audiences dwindled. 

This was particularly difficult for the theatres involved, many of whom rely on these shows to finance their annual programs, typically bringing in 30% of their annual box office over this short four-week period.

The Coronavirus pandemic therefore represented a major challenge to the entire theatre industry and all of their productions.

Pantomimes are a particularly British tradition, and for many, a visit to the panto is the only theatre trip they will make in a given year. These performances are an important part of the British economy, and have been popular around the country for hundreds of years.

As such, it was in the nation’s interest for the industry to persevere, and finally in late 2022 it has become clear that it has. The tenacity of the sector and its workers, with the support of government grants and schemes, has rescued the theatre industry from an almost unprecedented collapse.

At Bay Media we have seen a major lift in theatre bookings this year, with longstanding customers returning to request new campaigns to promote plays, musicals and pantomimes.

As we move towards the festive period, now is an ideal time for theatres to consider outdoor advertising for their pantomime season. Lamppost banners are by far the most popular format for productions, due in large part to their abundance. With thousands of sites across the UK, lamppost banners can be placed in highly targeted locations. 

Banners can be used to line streets in and around theatre districts, or for general awareness on a wider regional scale. They can even be selected down to a single banner outside a box office.

Bay Media are the UK’s largest provider of lamppost banner advertising. We print, install and maintain banners on behalf of theatres across the country. If you would like to find out more about our service and how we can help bring in business during the pantomime season, you can drop us a call or a message and our friendly team will get in touch.

Bay Media provide outdoor and out-of-home advertising services in the UK and Europe. We are the exclusive provider of lamppost banner advertising in much of the UK, and we are the nation’s largest provider of this service.

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